Scott Evans Defends Relationship Between Chris Evans and Alba Baptista Following Social Media Criticism

Scott Evans, the brother of Chris Evans, has the actor’s support regarding his relationship with Alba Baptista.

“It’s difficult with everything in the world, people can ruin things pretty quickly. It’s not getting better, it’s only getting worse. The manner in which individuals behave can make it difficult to date someone like that.”

Scott, 39, said on the July 13 episode of the “Viall Files” podcast

Chris, 42, and Baptista, 26, went public earlier this year when Chris posted a video compilation of the couple’s activities from the previous year. Fans were quick to remark online to express their displeasure that Chris was no longer available for dating after his subtle announcement.

“Because you think, ‘I’m just dating a person, he’s a guy,’ and then all of a sudden it’s article after article, after article,… [and] everyone is just saying, ‘You’re a piece of garbage to anyone he’s tried to date.”

Scott Evans – July 14, 2023

Scott admitted that this can only be tolerated for so long, and it makes relationships challenging for him.

The Barbie actor also revealed to host Nick Viall that he frequently receives messages from Chris’s admirers declaring their love for him and referring to Scott as their “brother-in-law.”

“Chris’ career has developed gradually over the years; it’s not as if he suddenly became famous,” he said. “We observed the advent of the internet. When he first began making movies, Twitter did not exist, so being able to simply see it all… And what can occur… it can be a dark environment where people become very brazen.”

While Scott is extremely protective of his sibling, he observes Chris and Baptista’s happiness and “approves” of their relationship.

In January, a source told Us Weekly that Chris and Baptista’s relationship had “gotten serious” quickly.

“They spend the majority of their time at his home in Massachusetts and adore the quiet life there, surrounded by nature and away from the limelight,” according to an insider. “Chris was very forthcoming about his desire to delay marriage.”

Five months after the official launch, Chris proclaimed a social media hiatus for the summer.

In June, he tweeted, “Hey everyone, I’m treating myself to a summer with less screen time, so I’m taking a little break from Twitter and IG,” before deactivating his respective accounts. “See you shortly! Much respect!”