After being asked for $40 Million, Brad Pitt meekly resigned to his fate

Brad Pitt is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. The icon had garnered international acclaim for a number of blockbuster performances on screen. However, the icon found working with Tom Cruise in the 1994 film Interview with the Vampire to be quite challenging.

The star of Troy revealed that he always sensed competition while working with Cruise. In addition, Pitt was negatively affected by the darkness encircling him while filming Interview with the Vampire. This obscurity compelled the celebrity to discuss with the producers the possible penalty he would incur for abandoning the project midway.

Brad Pitt on the Fundamental Rivalry with Tom Cruise

Brad Pitt revealed in an interview that he sensed a subtle sense of competition while working with the Mission: Impossible star. The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor emphasized that their dispositions are entirely dissimilar, resulting in their incompatibility. Even though the competition was not hostile, it prevented the two personalities from having meaningful conversations.

“You gotta realize, Tom and I are… We proceed in separate directions. He is the Arctic Circle. I am in the south. He is approaching you with a salutation. where I may stumble into you, I may not, you know. I’ve always believed that underlying competition hindered any meaningful conversation. It was in no way unpleasant, not at all. But the fact that it existed irritated me somewhat. But I’ll tell you, he catches a lot of crap because he’s at the top, but he’s a fine actor and he progresses throughout the film. He accomplished it. You must essentially respect that.”

Entertainment Weekly

Brad Pitt on Being Constantly Encircled by Darkness

Brad Pitt found the experience of portraying Louis in Interview with the Vampire to be more mentally demanding than he anticipated. The Mr. & Mrs. Smith star candidly expressed his misery while working on the film, adding that the gloomy filming location in Pinewood Studios, with its lack of natural light and oppressive atmosphere, had a negative effect on his health. The protracted periods of darkness exacerbated his discontentment. These overpowering circumstances prompted Pitt to consider abandoning the project in an effort to escape the oppressive atmosphere. However, the superstar was required to pay a substantial sum before he could exit the film.

“I am wretched. Six months of total darkness. Contact lenses, makeup, I’m portraying the role of a b*tch…An established institution, Pinewood (Studios) is where we are filming. There are no openings inside. You depart for work in the dark, enter this cauldron, this mausoleum, and return home to darkness. It eventually devastated me… I summoned David Geffen, a producer, and… I told David, “I can no longer do this.” I am unable to do it. How much would it cost to get me out of here?’ And he calmly states, “Forty million dollars.”

Entertainment Weekly

It appears that Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise’s collaboration on Interview with the Vampire was not without obstacles. The Bullet Train actor’s comments cast light on the challenging nature of his film role.

The film Interview with the Vampire is accessible on Paramount+.